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ELL Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Division

Dry Ice

ELL dry ice (Frozen carbon dioxide) is an excellent refrigerant with a very high cooling effect for a given weight or volume. Unlike regular ice, dry ice pellets do not adhere to each other remaining perfectly free flowing during storage. Its id even much colder than regular ice (CO2 freezes at -78 degrees) thus creating that ideal cooling and controlled temperature for your perishables all day and night as they transit under extreme weather.

The quantities may vary depending on the distance to be travelled and the time the perishables are on transit, climatic conditions and also how the goods are packaged.

ELL CO2 produces dry ice using a closed line system ensuring it retains food grade 99.9% fresh. It is packed in strong heat-sealed polythene bags using state of the art equipment´s to ensure the highest quality standards and hygiene are upheld and maintained. We also package the dry ice pellets in insulated high quality EPS boxes for easy transportation and storage.